How do I connect to Denison's network from off-campus on my Mac? (And why should I?)
Using Remote Access allows you to connect to Denison's Novell file servers and Library and other resources that are otherwise restricted to on-campus only when you are off-campus.

The instructions below outline how to install and use Remote Access. Please use Firefox or Safari for Remote Access, NOT Google Chrome. For instructions with screenshots, please see the attached PDF.

Important: If you wish to access files on Denison's Novell servers, please follow the steps outlined in the Accessing Novell Drives FAQ AFTER you use these instructions to establish a Remote Access connection.

Installing and Using Remote Access

You must have Java installed on your computer to complete the one-time setup steps. To make sure you have Java installed…

Go to
  • If Java is installed, the version and vendor will display in a pink box. If this occurs,click on the “Java Enabled” button in the left navigation bar to make sure Java is enabled. If it is not, follow the instructions provided.

  • If Java is not installed, click the “Installing Java” button in the left navigation bar and follow the links provided.

Connecting via Remote Access
Once you have made sure you have Java installed, please follow the below instructions…
  1. Open your web browser and go to If you see a security warning, please accept it in order to continue. The Remote Access login screen will appear.

  2. Enter your username and email password and click “Sign In”.

    IMPORTANT! The first time you go to log in, you may be prompted to install “Host Checker” software. Depending on your operating system and browser, there will be various prompts to allow the installation to occur.  Please accept all the prompts that appear. If there is an option to "Always accept...", please check that option.

    After the installation completes you will see the Denison University SSL VPN Portal page. The options and links you see will vary based on whether you are a student or a faculty or staff member.

  3. On the right-hand side of the page, click “Start” next to Network Connect.  This will install a small application that will allow you to connect to Denison’s network from off-campus. Accept all prompts to allow the installation to proceed.

  4. Once installation is complete, it will initiate a Network Connect session and the Network Connect icon will appear in the Dock. You will also see a connection window that shows your session status. You can minimize this window if desired. Clicking the Network Connect icon in the Dock will restore the window.

Ending a Network Connect session:
  1. In your Dock, click the Network Connect icon. The connection window will reappear as will the Network Connect menu bar.

  2. Click the Sign Out button in the top right corner of the connection window. You will be asked to confirm that you wish to sign out. Click the Sign Out button.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 740-587-6395 or

For hours and drop-in locations, please visit
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