I am trying to log in to the Parent Proxy page and don't know my PIN...
If you do not know your PIN or are seeing a message that it has expired or is disabled, you can reset it.
  1. Go to http://access.denison.edu.
  2. Enter your email address in the space provided (it must be the address your student used to grant access to their records).
  3. Click the Forgot Pin button.
  4. Open your email account and look for an email message from proxyadmin@denison.edu titled "Denison University - Pin Reset".
  5. Copy or write down the "Old PIN" provided in the email (If you choose to copy/paste the PIN, do not copy the blank space before the Old PIN in the message or it will be recognized as an invalid character and disable access then you will be required to go thru the reset process again).
  6. Click the link that is provided in the message.
  7. Enter the provided pin number as the Old PIN.
  8. Enter a New PIN following the guidelines listed.
  9. Re-enter the new Pin in the Validate PIN field.
  10. Click "Save".

Last Updated/Reviewed on 6/25/2019