How do I connect to Denison's network and my Novell drives (U: and S:) from off-campus on a Denison laptop?
To use Remote Access on a Denison Laptop:
  1. Double-click the Network Connect icon on your Desktop. (If it does not appear there, go to the Windows Start menu and select "All Programs" -> "Juniper Networks" -> "Network Connect 7.x.x" -> "Network Connect".)
  2. A Network Connect Sign In screen will appear. Enter your Denison username and email password and click "Sign In". It will take a few minutes to load. Once you see a dialog box appear that says "Connected" and has a timer, you are connected to Denison's network.

If you cannot readily locate the Network Connect application, follow these instructions:
  1. Open Firefox or Internet Explorer (NOT Google Chrome) and go to
  2. Log in with your BigRedID and password.
  3. On the righthand side of the page next to Network Connect, click "Start".

If you wish to connect to your Novell drives:
  1. Click on the up arrow in the lower righthand corner of your screen by the flag.
  2. Right-click on the Red N in the box that appears.
  3. Select "Novell Login". A Novell Login window will appear.
  4. Enter your username and Novell password and click "OK".
  5. A window should appear showing your drives being mapped and then disappear.
  6. From the Windows Start menu, click "Computer". You should now see that your drives are mapped.

When you no longer need to be connected to Denison's network, you should end your Network Connect session:
  1. In the lower righthand corner of your screen, click on the up arrow in the Windows taskbar (near the flag and date/time).
  2. Click the Network Connect icon in the screen that appears. (The icon is a padlock with two dots over it.) A connection window will appear. If it is not visible, please minimize the other open applications so you see it.
  3. Click the "Sign Out" button.