How do I connect to my Novell drives (U: and S:) from off-campus on a Denison laptop?
IMPORTANT:In order to connect to your Novell drives, you must be connected to Denison's network. If you are off-campus, you will have to first use Remote Access (see FAQ 1221).

To connect to your Novell drives on a Denison Windows computer:
  1. Click on the up arrow in the lower righthand corner of your screen by the flag.
  2. Right-click on the Red N in the box that appears.
  3. Select "Novell Login". A Novell Login window will appear.
  4. Enter your BigRedID and Novell* password and click "OK".
  5. A window should appear showing your drives being mapped and then disappear.
  6. From the Windows Start menu, click "Computer". You should now see that your drives are mapped.

*Novell password: If you use a different password to sign in to Denison computers than you use for MyDenison/Denison Apps/etc., that is the password you should use here. Otherwise, use the password you use for MyDenison/Denison Apps/etc.